If you have talent, flaunt it because this time it matters.
Cameo allows celebrities to set their price for a personalized video shoutout. The trend suggests that the more famous a celebrity, the more expensive their price. To solve this price issue, I introduced a gamified experience where fans could participate in contests and win Cameo credits.
“Some celebrity prices are
hella expensive.” - Aaron
Did he just say hella? Aaron, like other users, is frustrated that the cost for a personalized video shoutout is too high.

After analyzing user sentiments through app store reviews, the most common pain point was that celebrity prices are over the budget of an average Cameo user. Users are eager to book a personalized video shoutout but are unmotivated to spend that much money.
How might we make celebrity shout-outs affordable for all users without cutting prices?
Note: It is important to value the celebrities' shout-out price whether or not it is expensive for an average customer. These celebrities choose to be on the platform because they see the value Cameo brings to them.
Finding the North Star
After brainstorming solutions to address the HMW statement, I constructed an impact-effort matrix to evaluate which feature would be the most efficient in terms of development efforts and scaling the business long term. After solidifying a north star, I mapped out user flows and wireframes accordingly.
Cameo Contests
This solution solves the issue of making celebrities affordable and addresses Cameo’s mission – to create the most personalized and authentic fan experiences in the world.
Keep it simple.
Replaced the notification tab on the navbar with contest tab to keep the number of items consistent and increase discoverability of the contest feature.
Easy content navigation.
At the top, contests and challenges are filtered by categories to boost screen’s Information Architecture.
Adding motion.
Confetti Animation adds to the overall experience and evokes a euphoric feeling for the user.
Time Remaining.
Presenting time remaining and number of submissions up front conveys a sense of urgency to the users to want to participate.
Embracing color theory.
Added #C18A00 for the Cameo Credits feature because gold is highly associated with wealth and success.
Let’s make this a global phenomenon.
With emerging technologies becoming commonplace, Cameo Contests will be advertised as interactive AR posters that are distributed all around the city (e.g. subway, bus stops).  We can create a scavenger hunt type game where players can earn Cameo Credits by scanning the posters.
If you enjoyed that, let's work together.
This was a 2-week long challenge concept that I undertook to improve myself as a Product Designer and understand how I think about any given problem. It is was an interesting task trying to understand what the business stood for and seeing how I could add value to it through UX Research and Visual Design.