We’re growing and we want you
to be a part of it.
Design Co is the largest pre-professional organization at UC San Diego that connects the Design community on campus with the finest industries. We have over 200+ active members and some companies that have partnered with us include Facebook, Netflix, Lyft, Intuit, and more.
Web Developer
I make visuals come to life.
Apart from running Figma workshops and planning for events, I am a Web Developer on the Creative Team where I’m currently updating our very own UCSD Design Community page. It’s an online catalog for student designers and alumni to connect. It also serves as a platform for students to be discovered by potential recruiters.
Design Co Fellowship
Before I had been accepted on board I was fortunate enough to be a part of Design Co’s annual Bay Area Trip where I had the chance to visit companies such as Instagram, IDEO, Square, Uber, Figma, and Workday.

I’ve learned that no matter where you decide to put your design practices to work, there is always a place for everyone to enjoy what they are doing while still creating a real world impact. P.S. I’d be happy to talk more about this unparalleled experience.
To Infinity and Beyond
If you want to get involved or know more about Design Co, feel free to reach out to me. Our team would be delighted to have you onboard our journey. :)