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At Facebook, now known as Meta, I worked with the Privacy team to bring transparency to how people’s information is collected across the family of apps including Facebook and Instagram.

"The future is something to fear if we can’t influence it." – Gemma Copeland
Understanding how your data is used on Facebook.
Over the years, Facebook has gone under a lot of speculation with regards to how they manage user data. I was ecstatic to be designing with Facebook's Privacy team as I could see the challenges firsthand and work with a dedicated team to increase data transparency for Facebook users.

As we know from the history of money, the barter system was used as a system of exchanging goods or services that are equivalent in value. How can we then use that historical practice with data? How do we communicate the value exchange when users' data are collected?

Due to NDA, I am silenced from showing you more of my exciting work; however, listed below is some media coverage to give context to the project and team I was working on. (P.S click on the photo below to see a launched build of my work)

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