Accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy.
At Tesla, I centralized data visualization patterns for Tesla’s Design System that is used throughout Tesla’s digital ecosystem including the annual Tesla Annual Impact Report. Works include research in visual data representations and internationalization practices with the goal of creating accessible guidelines to showcase Tesla as a global brand. Furthermore, I designed an order cancellation feature as part of the order fulfillment experience for Tesla Shop.
Get that CO2 outta here, we saving lives.
In 2020, Tesla helped customers avoid 5.0 million metric tons of CO2 emissions. That’s wild! Check out the data visualizations here, Tesla Annual Impact Report.
I ordered the wrong hoodie size. Help please...someone?
Ordering a wrong size for a hoodie on a merchant site can be frustrating especially when you have to call an operator and hope they pick it up to serve your need. What if you could cancel your order without calling an operator? At Tesla, I designed an order cancellation feature that would eliminate the middleman for the order cancellation experience.