When will the global pandemic
Since COVID-19 hit, opportunities to engage the tech community through conferences and social events have been challenging. I worked with the TH Experiential team to find ways of re-engaging that community from within the comfort of their own homes.
We on X-Games mode!
As a UX Design Intern at TH Experiential, I had the privilege of working on proposals for brands such as Adobe, Hasbro, San Francisco 49ers, etc. This meant understanding the different values these 17 different brands stood for and how my designs could augment and assimilate into their existing identities.
MONAT Wellness
Constructed a personalized experiential campaign for Monat's new line of Wellness products. This campaign will add to Monat's existing series of educational conferences that aim to immerse guests in Modern Nature and take them on a highly personalized and fun wellness transformation journey with interactive product experiences, games, and AR Content creation zones.
There's a lot of design systems.
Being in an environment where new projects are coming in every other day, I had to constantly make important design decisions even when I thought the designs were not yet 100%. Pivoting between many different brands allowed me to notice patterns that emerged across different brands and how similar they actually are. It also reinforced my understanding of why certain colors are used in different industries. For example, the color 'red' is used in the food industry because it evokes a feeling of hunger.

In addition, each company had their own style and brand guidelines whether it be the colors, fonts, or company values. It was essential to understand and implement these guidelines accordingly. When someone utters the word 'swoosh' what brand do we immediately think of? Exactly! That's why brand identity is important.

TLDR always be on-brand all the time.