My Journey to the Metaverse

Have you wondered if we could expand beyond our human-self? In the metaverse, you can be whatever you like, express yourself in whatever shape or form and do whatever you think imaginable.

SwordPistol VR

This 4-day weekend was wild and fun. I learned Unity Fundamentals and VR interactions to build this awesome game. Surprise dance at the end of this video. 👀

Rhythm Dungeon VR

I won my first Hackathon building a Virtual Reality game where you have to fend yourself from hot flaming arrows fired to the beat of music.


I made an AR filter that would expose the type of designer you are.
Trigger Warning: This filter is not intended for the faint hearted.

Game Design

As Elon Musk states, we are all technically in simulation so why not make it more fun by gamifying it.